Harel Mallac Technologies  presented to C-suite members on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at Maison Eureka, Moka their latest trends on business technology

They discussed advanced business process automation and power system technologies enabling customers to turn existing organisational challenges into significant disruptive advantages.

Business process automation (BPA) is the shift in processes from humans to technology within an enterprise. BPA is geared towards implementing software applications to automate routine business tasks, while optimizing the amount of human support needed and achieving enterprise-wide workflow efficiency.

Today, advancements in technology are spawning a new phase of automation making it intelligent and changing the way enterprises operate by using advances in technology to optimize processes, personalize customer experiences and enhance decision making.

“In this ever-changing technology age, the leading organisations are changing the rules of the game. Digital technologies are being deployed to transform and improve customer interactions, generate insights from data analysis whilst lowering the overall transaction cost” said Kevin Mulliah, Senior Lead Sales at Harel Mallac Technologies. “Over and above costs and efficiency, the ease of deployment and the speed and agility process automation confers on the enterprise is changing how businesses operate.”

IBM power enterprise servers integrate into your organization’s private or hybrid cloud strategy for flexible consumption models. It comprises of an agile, high-performance system that accelerates your cloud infrastructure.

“For projects to work, you need a maniacal focus on business value. Whatever you’re creating needs to be aligned with business strategy and objectives” explains Carlos Fernandes, IBM Cloud Sales Leader for Central Africa & IOI.

As per IBM Institute for Business Value’s (IBV) latest study from 12,500 CxOs worldwide, it can be deduced that leading organizations are taking a strategic approach to enabling their enterprise with AI technologies. The survey draws attention to the fact that more than 90% of executives using intelligent automation said their organisation performs above average in managing organisation change in response to emerging business trends.

Process automation is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity for executives. Harel Mallac Technologies accompanies industry leaders in the adoption crucial automation tech at a rapid pace, compelling c-suite members to consider the value of intelligent automation in their workforce.